Arnis single sinawali

Arnis single sinawali
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The walking stick in the middle of photo just left of the three arrows and right of the Luzon shield, doubles as an improvised weapon coming apart into two pieces, both with fixed blades on a long and short stick.

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) refer to ancient Indianized and newer fighting methods devised in the Philippines.

While partially unsheathed, we see the two blades hidden inside.

Very rare from late 19th to early 20th century, beautiful weapon and great example of ingenuity and master craftsmanship of the people.

Filipino Martial Arts are considered the most advanced practical modern blade system in the world and are now a core component of the U. Army's Modern Army Combatives program Filipino martial artists are noted for their ability to fight with weapons or empty hands interchangeably and their ability to turn ordinary household items into lethal weapons.

Weapons-training takes precedence because they give an edge in real fights, gears students to psychologically face armed opponents, and any object that can be picked up can be used as a weapon using FMA techniques.During training, non-verbal gesture communication and recognition is used in teaching and identification.This sign language, utilizing hand, body and weapons signals; is used to convey ideas, desires, information, or commands.They learned often out of necessity how to prioritize, allocate and use common resources in combative situations.Filipinos have been heavily influenced by a phenomenon of cultural and linguistic mixture.The Southern Philippines with the Moros were never really conquered by the Spaniards or the Americans; nor the Northern mountains of Luzon with their feared headhunter tribes so they kept their weapons and their fighting skills.