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The lists contain information about the emigration dates and home parishes of the emigrants, the name of the vessels that carried them, and their destinations.

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There may also be draft papers or service records whose almost unintelligible abbreviations may lead to new openings.Photos brought along or sent over by relatives left behind can also give clues, for example through the name of the photographer.Whatever the purpose of the visit, it must be remembered that any serious genealogical research present difficulties and calls for a good deal of preparation if the result is to be as rewarding and satisfying as hoped for.This page will help you overcome some of these difficulties and to show you how to proceed on information obtainable at home. Thus Peter Olsen's son and daughter would be called (say: Ole) Petersen and (say: Karen) Petersdatter.It is important that such material be not destroyed; if the family does not want to keep it, the Danes Worldwide Archives (address below) will be happy to receive it; the material will prove useful to emigration research as such, and may be of great help to other emigrants. of the immigrant generation An immigrant to a new country would undoubtedly often keep his naturalization certificate carefully stowed away.

Such a certificate may not contain information about the immigrant's birthplace, but usually it states when and where the immigration took place, and may lead on to the relevant official records on the matter.

The renewed Hotel Bornholm is centrally located on Terschelling.

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The distance from the harbor is one mile and from the beach 2 miles.

Only in case of noble families or families with employment within the administration you may cherish a hope of getting further, often by means of printed sources.