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The geographic layout of Denmark (not including Greenland and the Faroe Islands) has a coastline to land area ratio of 1:5.9.

By comparison, the figure for the Netherlands is .1 and for the United States, 3.2.

King Hans is credited with establishing a joint Dano-Norwegian fleet in 1509, substantially increasing the number of professional crewmembers.

They were mainly petty criminals, who had to choose between working in the king’s navy or imprisonment.

The founding of the Danish navy is often viewed in Denmark as taking place on 10 August 1510, when King Hans appointed his vassal Henrik Krummedige to become "chief captain and head of all our captains, men and servants whom we now have appointed and ordered to be at sea." When King Frederick II was crowned in 1559, he immediately began expanding the navy.

The number of bases, yards and vessels rose rapidly and substantial resources were used for new ship designs, weaponry, training and battle tactics.

They received basic training in seamanship and carpentry, enabling them to sail the ships.

Responsibility for weaponry and combat was still in the hands of conscripted farmers.Her finder du Frederikshavn Kommunes aktuelle arrangementer. I felterne "Vis fra dato" og "Vis til dato" kan du vælge et andet tidsinterval. I feltet ”Vis arrangementstype” kan du vælge at få vist en specifik type.*Du har mulighed for at modtage en mail (op til to gange ugentligt), hvis der er nye arrangementer inden for den eller de kategorier, du har valgt at abonnere på. Swedish War of Liberation (1510–23) Count's Feud (1534–36) Nordic Seven Years' War (1563–70) Kalmar War (1611–13) Torstenson War (1643–45) Second Nordic War (1657–60) Scanian War (1675–79) Great Nordic War (1700 & 1709–20) Punitive expedition against Barbary (1769–70) Battle of Copenhagen (1801) Battle of Copenhagen (1807) Gunboat War (1807–14) First Schleswig War (1848–51) Second Schleswig War (1864) Operation Desert Shield (1990–91) Operation Sharp Guard (1993–96) Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003) Combined Task Force 150 (2008– ) Combined Task Force 151 (2009– )) is the sea-based branch of the Danish Defence force.Indeed, it is said that king Valdemar Sejr had more than 1,000 ships during the conquest of Estonia in 1219.Together they carried more than 30,000 soldiers with horses and supplies.masters, master-at-arms and master carpenters) could be employed by the monarch.