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Dating dk anmeldelse Nyborg
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Furious, Birgitte fires Kasper, but the election results go in her favour: Laugesen's grandstanding and Hesselboe's financial wrongdoings result in losses for both Labour and the Liberals, while Birgitte's passionate and principled performance nets the Moderates historic gains.Suddenly it seems like Birgitte's party may be asked to form a government, with her as prime minister.

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She comes to believe that Denmark has played a substantial role in the nation's ongoing suffering, and commits to improving their situation in the future.

The episode title is a reference to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which was titled Men Who Hate Women in Danish.

Hesselboe, too, approaches her, offering her several ministries, including a new Ministry of International Development, if she joins a right-wing coalition under the Liberals.

However, Laugesen's second-in-command Troels Höxenhaven, whose wishes to be Justice Minister have been dashed, secretly offers to release xenophobic e-mails written by Laugesen if she agrees to support him.

She initially decides to keep it, despite Kasper urging her to terminate the pregnancy; only an awkward graveside exchange with Ole's widow convinces her that abortion is the right option.

Katrine receives evidence from an anonymous source that an American prisoner transport has been moving illegally detained prisoners through Greenland.Thinking Höxenhaven a better choice than Laugesen, she gives her consent, but Labour instead chooses Bjørn Marrot as its new leader.Despairing, Birgitte considers accepting Hesselboe's offer, but decides to persevere after a talk with her mentor Bent Sejrø.She allows Crohne to save face by allowing his company to be the first to meet the terms of the progressive legislation, a generous deal which earns his respect.In return, Crohne secretly reveals to Birgitte dirt he had on the minister promoting the new bill, forcing Birgitte to fire her.She goes to Marrot and delivers an ultimatum: either Labour backs her, or she accepts Hesselboe's offer.