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The team also tracked down the cellular cause of the tumours along the entire body axis.For the first time they were able to show that the stem cells, which are programmed for sex differentiation, accumulate in large quantities and are not removed naturally by programmed cell death.

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The study by an international team led by Bosch was published today (Monday, June 24) in the prestigious scientific journal .The so-called cancer genes are ancient The causes of tumours are the so-called cancer genes.The sequence data are available in the Data Sets and Blast sections.Reference: Leininger S, Adamski M, Bergum B, Guder C, Liu J, Laplante M, Bråte J, Hoffmann F, Fortunato S, Jordal S, Rapp HT and Adamska M. Developmental gene expression provides clues to relationships between sponge and eumetazoan body plans. DOI: 10.1038/ncomms4905 22nd October, 2014 – New transcriptome sequences for Clytia hemisphaerica – CHEM_T-CDS_141022.He is co-lead author of the present study and is currently working at the Ruder Bošković Institute and the Catholic University of Croatia in Zagreb.

“Our data predicted that the first multi-cellular animals already had most of the genes which can cause cancer in humans.” What was missing until now was, on the one hand, direct evidence that the first animals can actually suffer from tumours and, on the other, the molecular understanding of the mechanisms of tumour formation in these simple organisms.” Hier der ganze Artikel Juni, 22, 2016 Canadian Institute of Advanced Research (CIFAR) publishes the names of the new fellows June, 17, 2016 World’s leading experts on host bacteria relationships come together in Kiel University The newly founded interdisciplinary centre for applied life sciences – Kiel Life Science (KLS) – links up research from the fields of agricultural and nutritional sciences, the natural sciences and medicine at Kiel University.With Thomas Bosch as coordinator and Stefan Schreiber as co-coordinator, KLS forms one of four research foci at Kiel University.The book serves as an excellent introduction into the emerging new research field “Environmental Genomics” and the role of microbes in health and disease.Kegel´s book also covers the studies done in the Hydra metaorganism over the last few years.“Vielleicht kommt die Botschaft, dass Arbeitsteilung, Kooperation und Partnerschaft fundamentale Merkmale aller Lebewesen sind, gerade recht.