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Dating sider for homoseksuelle Læsø
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Usually out-of-date, unless a client needs it, in which case the CV is pulled out and updated in a flash. If they didn’t, they’d lose their best employees in no time. The following story may help shed some light on the issue.

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Another core premise for a true Enterprise 2.0 culture is that it’s actively endorsed, supported, sponsored (call it whatever you want) by top management (preferably the CEO).

Meanwhile, we are now blessed with software and services, which can actually make the Enterprise 2.0 dream come true.

Amazing – imagine if that had happened back in the old ERP days.

That was when the mere mention of an ERP implementation was enough to make people quit and flee the company :-) Anyway, I’m drifting and my intention in this blog post was to talk about the “app side of Enterprise 2.0”.

And it attracted other consultants, who wanted to be part of this group of top-notch consultants. Well, they all thought this would be a perfect hunting ground, but because the consultants now had maximum employer loyalty, nobody was tempted to accept any other offers (at least during that time). My advice is this: Forget about Word CVs/resumes – go straight to Linked In and maximize your use of all its capabilities.

Back to my point: Don’t protect your intellectual property (when it comes to CVs/resumes). Now that we have established that Enterprise 2.0 isn’t *just* a software suite you can roll out and, Bob’s your uncle, you have a communicative and collaborative company, we can move on to talk about those types of applications which can help fulfill the dream.I generally categorize Enterprise 2.0 apps into these categories (but that’s just my slant on it – I’d love to hear your views): There are some really good narrow services like Yammer for microblogging, which are very widely adopted.I’m a firm believer that Enterprise 2.0 is all about communications.It may be a bland statement, but it also emphasizes the fact that Enterprise 2.0 is first and foremost defined by an organizational culture in which communication in the form of dialogue flows freely and without constraints. It defines itself through organizations whose management understands that information is not power if kept to the chosen few, but if dispersed and enriched as a premise for collaboration.And then there are whole suites incorporating more areas.