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Fredensborg Kongevej links Fredensborg with Hørsholm to the southeast.

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The nearest upper secondary schools are Frederiksborg Gymnasium in Hillerød and Espergærde Gymnasium in Espergærde.

Fredensborg station is located on the Little North railway line between Hillerød and Helsingør.

The railway company Lokaltog operates the local train service with frequencies of twice an hour in the daytime on weekdays and once an hour in the evening and on weekends.

National route 6, locally known as Hillerødvej (southwest), Lindebakken (central) and Helsingørvej (northeast),connects Fredensborg to Helsingør in the northeast and Hillerød and eventually Roskilde to the southwest.

The name, which means the Palace of Peace", was chosen to commemorate the termination of the Great Northern War.

Fredensborg Station opened on the new North Line in 1868.It is positioned exactly at the centre of what is known as a "hunting star" (Danish, jagtstjerne), a number of straight intersecting paths in a game hunting reserve. In front of the main building was placed an octagonal courtyard encircled by the single-storey servants' wings, called Red Wing.During a hunt it was permissible to shoot freely straight down the long paths, which radiated out from the centre. It is the only red building at Fredensborg Palace, and it has open half-timbers under a red tile roof.The man responsible for the actual construction was General Building Master Johan Conrad Ernst, who was also responsible for the construction of Frederiksberg Palace.While the building was still under construction Denmark–Norway and Sweden negotiated a peace treaty, which was signed July 3, 1720 on the site of the unfinished palace The treaty determined the fate of Skåne, which since that time has been a part of Sweden, and ended Denmark’s eleven-year participation in the Great Northern War.-storey-high main palace with dome and lanterns.Fredensborg is home to two public primary schools: Holte Skole (with departments on Humlebækvej (Vilhelmsro) and Benediktevej) and Endrupskolen on Emdrupvej.