Ems tracking net single

Ems tracking net single
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Apart from the 10 services listed with field boxes against them, Track-Trace has a large alphabetically arranged links for numerous carrier services worldwide.

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So, keep these ten web services bookmarked for the times when delivery schedules go haywire. Typing in the number leads to a Google Map which shows the location of the package and the status.

The delivery time is also mentioned and you can subscribe to the tracking information via a RSS feed.

You can enter up to 5 tracking numbers (one in each row) Tracking Number has 13 characters, (the first two are Latin letters followed by nine numeric characters and then two Latin letters) ex.

You never know where your next delivery will be coming from.

Creating a user account on the site helps you use services like email forwarding, email notifications, SMS alerts, and Twitter notifications. Track My Shipments automatically extracts the tracking number and start tracking your package. You get status alerts via email or by manually logging into your account. Check up on the status of your packages via Facebook and Twitter.

Using this online package tracker, you can keep tabs on 10 shipments at a time. Email, SMS messaging, and RSS feeds are also there. All you have to do give them the tracking number and a nickname for the package.

Like pinpointing the package location on a map, or getting the info to you via a tweet.

They also help to reveal extra information which might not be available on the carrier’s website.

The tracking info is represented on a Google map (or Google Earth).

You can create an account and save all your packaging info on the site.

Alerts are immediately sent out when the package status changes. You can let the web app match the tracking number to the service or pick the service yourself.