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En dating Ringkøbing-Skjern
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Visitors will learn more about the city, see new connections and have fun together.

Det er altid en helbredsmæssig vurdering, der afgør, om man kan komme i betragtning til et kommunalt boligtilbud.Lægebehandling ved akut opstået sygdom - IKKE akut opstået skade, når din egen praktiserende læge ehar lukket.Opening hours: Monday: closed Tuesday-Sunday 11-16Horsens Art Museum is working with the sin of Anger, processed and rethought by artist and Professor Martin Erik Andersen together with the artist René Schmidt and the artist duo 'Vinyl Terror & Horror'.Anger is defined as an emotional state, which can vary from minor irritation to intense anger. In collaboration, the artists will work to expand the artistic field in relation to music and the visual arts in search of a new form of expression, to fit the theme of the exhibition and as an overall artistic necessity.Presented by Den Gamle By The Aarhus Story allows the audience to time travel through the history of Aarhus from its Viking beginnings to its contemporary situation.

Aarhus residents, their guests and tourists visiting the city can get an overview of its history and also an understanding of the special features that have made Aarhus the city it is today.

With ‘Oh Land’ in the role as queen of the sea, recounting the area’s mystical history, of menacing creatures from the depths of the sea, while barge haulers silently wander through the mysterious mist.

Randers Harbour will be filled with circus performers in breath-taking acrobatics, and boats dancing over the water’s dark expanse.

april bringer en aprilsnar i form af en nyhed som ikke har noget på sig.

Her udnytter man mediernes egen retorik og troværdighed til at skrive ofte provokerende nyheder, som mange hopper på, selv om de for en skeptisk granskning afslører sig selv – både i kraft af deres usandsynlighed og så fordi det er kutyme at nævne datoen i teksten eller indslaget.

The internationally renowned English dance company Motionhouse, takes the audience on a trip that overwhelms the senses, with visual dream-images created by multimedia artists from Spanish Logela, and a 300-voice strong choir supplementing ‘Oh Land’s’ melodic sound universe.