Gratischat dk Dragør

Gratischat dk Dragør
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As early as 1930 it was clear to a writer in Variety that simplicity was the essence of successful radio comedy.

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A simple, common audience responded best to simple comedic material.

"Radio's axiom for comedians is," he wrote, "be simple and be funny or be fancy and lousy." In this same vein, John V. Walter Thompson advertising agency, remarked in 1933 that radio was a completely ruthless medium which could expose those who were not basically humorous.

Joe Penner in the mid-1930s became associated with his absurd phrases "Wanna buy a duck? " With Ed Wynn, the high-pitched "So-o-o" that he warbled between jokes may have sounded more like a turkey call than a human expression, but it helped fashion an aural personality that endeared him to Americans for years.

And Jack Pearl's mendacious Germanic character, Baron Munchausen, invariably drew laughter when, after reciting an obvious lie, he asked of his doubting partner, "Vass you dere, Sharlie?

"Just trying to be funny doesn't go," he stated, for the "comedian has to think and live his humor, or the great listening audience detects the shallowness of his humorous veneer." Jack Benny, the most popular comedian in the history of radio, well understood the necessity of being funny and uncomplicated.

He summarized his feelings in 1934 when he told an interviewer: No one should ever try to be funny ...

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