Handicap dating Kalundborg

Handicap dating Kalundborg
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In the first heat Hans Hansen from Naestved got disqualified for by unsportsmanlike inside overtaking cause another rider’s crash.

Despite the disqualification Hansen got allowed to participate in the re-run of the heat, which he won. Hansen was allowed a few test laps that ended with a crash, a concussion and a trip to the hospital for the young man. oktober 1933 1500 spectators visited the track in bright autumn sunshine , but got some of the joy spoiled by black clouds of dust from the track, which was poorly watered.

Campingpladserne er med til at skabe rammen for en dejlig afslappende campingferie i en hyggelig atmosfære og rolige omgivelser. afrejse fra Kalundborg til Ballen og hjemrejse fra Sælvig til Hou.

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Facts: Track name: Holbaek Dirt track Track owner: Holbaek & Vicinity’s Motor club Track address: Taastruphoj, Roskilde road, Holbaek Length: 366 m. Track record: 1,19,2 Record holder: Baltzer Hansen, Copenhagen, 5/11-1933. 1932 Closed year/date: April 15.1934 The first Dirt Track at Holbaek was located on hired ground half a mile outside the town close to the main road to Roskilde Contemporary with a number of other Danish towns, mainly in Jutland around 1930 – 32, trigged by the governmental issued ban of motor racing on public roads, opened new dirt tracks, in 1932 a consortium in Holbaek with theater director Mr. For those days’ standard it was modern track with good access from the main road and ample parking facilities. What they did not know was that the tiny man who was walking around on the infield carrying a little girl on his arm was their most beloved hero. The Swedes Rudolph and Aake Jönsson against Helge Jensen and Svend Aa. Rudolph Jönsson showed excellent riding in the practice on Saturday, but on Sunday he fell off twice, so Helge Jensen had no trouble with winning.Elith Petersen as spokesman got formed with the objective to procure a dirt track for the town. At a meeting on Nicolaisens Hotel on May 3.1932 the chaiman of Holbaek & Vicinity’s Motor club, Goldsmith Mr. In between Jensen lowered the track record to 1,29,5 min. Sorensen had his first appearance on the track and enjoyed great success with winning both the handicap and an Australian pursuit race. In the newspaper report the day after it was criticized that the track not, as it was customary of courtesy to foreign riders, waved the Swedish flag.Danish Motor Union would not approve the meetings, because the track was not managed in a financially sound manner, and the motor club withdrew from the partnership. On the motor club’s annual general assembly in January 1933 the future – if any – of the track was discussed.It was asked for clarity on the ownership of the track, and other sorts of meetings got discussed.It was planned to open the season on the second day of Pentecost.

However this meeting was canceled because the consortium’s spokesman announced that all riders were already assigned elsewhere until July.

Bache and Peter Nielsen from Slagelse was won by the latter.

Morian was favorite in an Australian Pursuit, where he started at the back, but after half a lap his chain broke, and the audience lost interest.

It was decided to re-open the track in September 1933.

This compelled HOM to place an ad in “Holbaek Amtstidende” with the text: 24. Re-opening meeting: The meeting was attended by a disappointing number of spectators, merely between 8.

In a Danish – Swedish Match in three heats the Swede Ebbe Lundquist won first heat in the day’s best time 1,27,4 for 4 laps.