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Jenabella dating
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Has studied with an Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Psychic for over 100 hours.

John is not only a powerful motivational speaker, but he is a perpetual student as well.

The words we use are important to our positive thoughts and positive outcome. We become fulfilled by exercising our personal responsibility. We are the only thinkers in our mind so we are in control.

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John Kordik retired from business management 25 years ago and has been studying Mind Power, both Conscious and Subconscious ever since.He is an expert in the positive thought process, psychological and Inspirational theories and principles. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit." John has led workshops with Gifted Student Programs, and various service groups and clubs.It can be a Vitamin Supplement or a prescription drug or a skin lotion or an everyday product...He will speak on the value of Kinesiology and Muscle testing... Testing for honesty....evaluation of mental strength and weakness...During the last 16 years he has taught classes in the Senior Adult Education Program at the University of Dayton in Ohio on "How to feel good about yourself and create your own destiny." We have choices daily to create our new tomorrow... For the past 15 years John has been attending seminars and studying with teachers in the fields of various Energetic Modalities.

He has over 600 hours of seminar studies in Reiki, Hypnosis, Acupressure, Quantum Touch, etc, and is currently studying Mediumship.He will speak on how our Vibrational Energy magnifies the words we speak and the thoughts we think.It will be about personal responsibility and taking charge of our destiny. Turn challenges to Opportunities and take advantage of Opportunities...Auch zum Thema Amiga OS findet ihr hier reichlich Informationen.Durch unseren Newsletter bleibt ihr dabei immer auf dem neuesten Stand.Using muscle testing to identify if something is good for our use... Using your body as a pendulum to test value in an item... to be in tune with spirit, or to eat more nutritionally and drop weight....