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Coincident with salt marshdevelopment the sediments display up to 1964 a fining upward sequencewith an increasing content of organic matter.Since 1964 a nearby creekhas meandered towards the sampling plot.Rungstedlund, also known at the Karen Blixen Museum, is a country house on the east coast which has been preserved to present the house in which the renowned Danish writer Karen Blixen, author of Out of Africa, lived until her death in 1962. The Danish Museum of Science and Technology (Danmarks Tekniske Museum) in Helsingør has a wide variety of attractions for both adults and children including steam engines, veteran cars and electricity.

Thus, an apparently diminishing Zn content (perkg dry weight) since 1964 could indicate lesser load to the area.

However,corrected for grain size effects there is an increasing content of Zn. Cu) show a diminishing trend when corrected forgrain size effects and therefore indicate a reduced anthropogenic inducedload of these metals to the salt marsh.

The largest urban centres in the region are Helsingør (population 61,519), Hørsholm (46,229), Hillerød (31,181), Birkerød (20,041), Farum (18,335), Frederikssund (15,725) and Frederiksværk (12,029).

The historic city of Roskilde (48,721) in the southwest is often included in North Zealand, especially in guide books.

They also established enclosed parks for hunting deer.

From the turn of the 20th century, the north and east coasts have developed as bathing and holiday resorts for the inhabitants of Copenhagen.The area to the north of the capital has become popular as a well-to-do residential and recreational area for those working in the city.One of the major attractions in the area is the UNESCO-listed Kronborg Castle in Helsingør to the north-east.The city is not only a tourist attraction but a thriving industrial centre thanks to a number of recently established firms in the biotechnology sector.Fredensborg Palace, another royal castle, was built by Frederick IV in 1722 in the Baroque style and was extended later in the 18th century.Roskilde has a history dating back to the Vikings as can be seen in its Viking Ship Museum.