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Single fraud investigation service jobs
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Individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, economic crime, fraud management, accounting, law, or business administration are typically the most sought-after and highly-qualified candidates.

Some states require licensure of fraud examiners while continuing education is mandatory in other states.

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Its specialist investigators have been hailed by councillors as “extremely effective” and are now set to expand what they do.The team is set to join with other authorities to crack down on fraud across Oxfordshire, a report to the city council’s audit and governance committee said.A PIONEERING team set up in Oxford to tackle fraud “with a vengeance” has saved taxpayers more than £1.6m in five months.Oxford City Council said its single fraud investigation service was so successful it paid for itself in its first month.So far it has recovered £482,806 of income lost through fraud and prevented a further £1,158,507 of losses by detecting them before they took place.

The biggest saving was £856,900 through investigations into 11 Right To Buy applications.

On-the-job training is also common for fraud examiners.

Applicants who have experience with criminal investigations, background investigations, suspect business practices, or insurance casualty claims are most likely to be the first hired as a fraud investigator.

Prospective fraud examiners with former law enforcement experience may have an edge during the hiring process.

Individual salaries can depend on factors like education, experience, geographic location, and industry (i.e. Interested in a career similar to a fraud investigator?

According to the city council report, the overall cost of the team is £220,3/16 and it is tasked with making up that amount as a minimum target.