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Single hall sensor
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By using the Hall effect in a fully integrated monolithic IC it is possible to measure magnetic field strength and create a vast array of Hall-effect integrated circuits for many different applications.

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Micro Systems, LLC is a world leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing high-performance Hall-effect sensor integrated circuits.

This note provides a basic understanding of the Hall effect and how Allegro designs and implements Hall technology in packaged semiconductor monolithic integrated circuits.

Diodes Incorporated’s Hall Sensors provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for different magnetic field detection.

Diodes offers four reliable versions of hall sensors, including Omnipolar Hall Effect Switches, Unipolar Hall Sensors, Bipolar Latched Hall Switches, and Linear Hall Latches.

They have a ratiometric output voltage that is nominally V and in the presence of a north pole the output will move in the direction of GND.

Allegro has a broad range of Hall switches, latches and linear devices suitable for a wide variety of applications.A simple Hall switch, such as the open NMOS device shown in figure 2, can be used to determine if a magnet is present or absent, and responds with a digital output.Integrated circuits are electronic structures having a large number of circuit elements in high density, regarded as a single unit.Sensors in the GT family electronically self adjustto slight variations in runout and temperature, often simplifying installation and maintenance.Circuit senses movement of targets in camshaft and crankshaft speed and position, transmission speed, and tachometer applications, as well as anti-skid and traction control applications.This output signal can be delivered as an analog output voltage, a pulse-width-modulated signal (PWM) or even as a modern bus protocol (SENT).