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Through the years, Amazon, aided by an apparently sympathetic judiciary, has enjoyed effective legal immunity from claims of patent, copyright and trademark infringement by arguing that it doesn’t actually “sell” anything but, rather, merely “facilitates” sales by others. To legitimate domestic businesses and consumers victimized by such widespread and blatant copying, both Amazon and the Courts say, “tough luck.” Small consolation to those who (unlike the overseas, infringing, fast-buck artists) help build the courthouses and pay the judge’s salaries.

While acknowledging that many of its suppliers blatantly copy and knock-off others, Amazon’s position is largely, “Hey, leave us alone and go after the guys who are infringing.” While the suggestion to “go after the guys who are infringing” has a superficial logic and appeal, the problem, of course, is that these crooks are located overseas, are almost always unknown, and, as a practical matter, are beyond the reach of U. I am glad to see that this unfortunate state of affairs is becoming more widely known and a matter of larger concern.

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Regardless of what the CAFC does in our case, the basic problem and issue remain. This situation cannot continue and, one way or another, will be addressed, either through controlled voluntary action on the part of those concerned, or through the blunt action of the legal hammer.

Whether our case reflects the last dying gasp of the fiction that Amazon doesn’t actually sell anything, or marks a needed change in a new direction, remains to be seen.

In a chat with DJ John Richards, host of The Morning Show on KEXP, Byrne talks about the inspiration for the project, the logistics of bringing the show to town, and what music means to him. Tagged Animal Collective, Bat For Lashes, Easter, Florence & The Machine, Frightened Rabbit, Jose Gonzalez, Kurt Vile, Ministry, Portugal.

The average asking price for homes rose by the same amount in March 2017 – 1.3% - as it did the same month last year.

Jag är en 30-årig serieälskare som studerar humaniora och bor med min kille i Danmark.

Den här bloggen kommer främst att handla om serier, men även film och nöje lite mer generellt!

"Hello, my name is Michele and I'm a leukemia survivor.

Also, I should let you know that I can't have any children.

"Haben uns nichts mehr zu sagen." – "Wir reden aneinander vorbei." – "Er / sie hört mir nie zu." – "Wir haben uns auseinander gelebt." In meinem Online Kurs „Die Sprache der Liebe“ erfahren Sie in 10 Einheiten, wie Sie sich als Paar nahe kommen und nahe bleiben können.

, which tells the story of former First Lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos.

They say the older you get, the quicker the time goes.