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Teaching fellows are outstanding students who assist in teaching the first-year Research and Writing Program.

The scholarship amounts vary, but are generally partial-tuition awards.

These awards apply only to fall and spring semesters and are renewable through graduation as long as the student meets the General Scholarship Award and Renewal Conditions outlined in the award letter.

This scholarship is intended to provide resources to increase the number of racial and ethnic minority students into the legal profession.

The scholarship amount is ,000 and is renewable for up to three years.

The following awards typically are given at the May Honors & Awards ceremony proceeding graduation.

Teaching fellowships and faculty research assistantships are available on a competitive basis to second and third year students who have a strong academic record and an interest in scholarly research and writing.The indirect antiglobulin test detects serum antibodies that bind to red cells in an in vitro incubation step.It is used in typing of erythrocyte antigens and in compatibility testing (cross-match).basophil degranulation test an in vitro procedure testing allergic sensitivity to a specific allergen at the cellular level by measuring staining of basophils after exposure to the allergen; a reduced number of granular cells is a positive result.Both full- and part-time JD students are eligible for these awards.The scholarships listed below require students to submit a separate application.Additional scholarships are also available to students after the completion of their first full year of law school (fall and spring semesters for FT; after second fall for PT).