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The city of Koburg explicitly forbids these men to march through the streets in rank and file with flags flying. Our Leader was a bit astonished at this and asked for explanations. They said there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding in the City over the organisation of the festival and its promoters had had to give a strict guarantee that nothing would be done in the least likely to provoke the Communists. What kind of ‘patriotic’ day did they suppose could be held if the Communists were to have it all their own way! I only found out afterwards how serious the wound was.

Nazis in turn leapt out of the ranks beating their tormentors with sticks and rubber- truncheons. After ten minutes of mayhem, in which they had police support, the stormtroopers triumphantly claimed the streets of Coburg as theirs.

For Hitler, the propaganda victory was what counted.

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Made by brewing beer freezing away concentrated flavor and abv.

However the Christian Social Union (CSU) won the constituency at a 1950 by-election and have held the district since then.

The current representative is Emmi Zeulner of the CSU, who was elected for the first time in 2013.Upon arrival at the town’s station, the visit developed into a military campaign.It came as close as civilian life could to recapturing the ‘Fronterlebnis’ (the experience of fighting at the Front).The German Day in Coburg went down in the party’s annals. At that time, our recipe was: if you do not want to let [us] talk of your own accord, we will use force to make you do it.[—] That battle of the force of reason versus the democracy of force lasted for two days, and after two days this reason, supported by the will of a thousand German men, came away with the victory!The SA men were instructed by Hitler to ignore explicit police orders, banning a formation march with unfurled banners and musical accompaniment, and marched with hoisted swastika flags through the town.