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Unless you know what influence they had on The Charlatans.3. They spliced things that shouldn’t go together together. I slept the night and heard the strings of an acoustic guitar playing in the night.

I Go Into Your Mind - Stevie Moore Probably the most genuinely affecting Moore composition - this version is a duet with Krys O – there’s a real pain in this song as they were together but aren’t now.

Real Love - Factory Floor I fell in love with FF in their rumble beginnings in 2010. Gimme Some Truth - John Lennon There is only one other person in the world who says the phrase ‘soft soap’ as well as John Lennon and that’s Bruce Mitchell who jokingly said to me: “You don’t have to soft soap me Burgess.” It reminded me of this song Lennon’s finest moment.15. Soulflexin’ - KMD I needed more De La Soul, this is what I needed its like De La but different. Rights for Gays - John Maus It’s kind of a protest song that’s protesting about something anyone would think was not an issue. Draft Morning - The Byrds It’s 1967, it’s America and it’s about waking up and reading a letter telling you to go to Vietnam, man. If you know it you’ll love it, if you don’t know it, then maybe even better. Sweet Mountain - American Spring Brian Wilson produced this one. Dancing in the Street - Martha Reeves and the Vandellas I’m not sure when I first heard this but it’s DNA is buried deep in the heart of dance floor classics. I was honoured but I’m not sure she knew any of my songs.28. My Face Your Ass – Lambchop The first track I ever heard by this band – ghostly and mysterious, it completely drew me in – my admiration for Kurt is never ending.

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He had an ethereal quality, seeming much more introvert t Tim Burgess, lead singer and frontman with The Charlatans, has lead a life immersed in music.

He had an ethereal quality, seeming much more introvert than his outer persona would suggest.

Tim Burgess, lead singer and frontman with The Charlatans, has lead a life immersed in music.

I was particularly interested to read Telling Stories because The Charlatans were a band I listened to a lot during my teens.

But they can’t be second-guessed and they released this in 2000 - an hour-long opus. Sin City - Flying Burrito Brothers This just conjures up images of unspeakable nights in Vegas. Kevin is Gay - Giant Drag I love this band, I love this song. Drank many pints with Annie at Spaceland in Silverlake. My Drug Buddy – Lemonheads Just for the lyric: “Is this the same stuff we got yesterday? This song has taken me 20 years to love as much as I love it now. Dolphin’s Spurt – Minny Pops They made the jump from Factory to O Genesis - my two favourite labels - over nearly 30 years.

Don’t judge a record by its cover though, there’s some challenging illustrations on the sleeve but look beyond. Reminiscenses - Ariel Pink I love Ariel and his Beta male actions. I like his height, I like his cheekbones and his power.10. I love The Cabs and this one just gets me crazy, but in a more obscure way than say Nag Nag Nag or Yashir. I was a Fall completest – I had everything from ‘77 to ‘86. Their early appearance on The Tube was one of the most brutal performances you could come across at teatime on a Friday or ever.46. This is just almost too much to take in in one sitting. I knew then that I needed to be doing what they were doing, especially when Bernard smashed his Stratocaster into his amp.50.He was invited to be the vocalist in newly formed The Charlatans, who went from supporting The Stone Roses to having three UK number one albums and seventeen Top Thirty singles.They rode the waves of first Madchester then Britpop.Tim's quick sense of humor and love for music shines through in his writing.Also, his honesty when it comes to the darker periods of his life from his heavy drug use, to the death of The Charlatans band member, and friend, Rob Collins is refreshing and emotional. And if they don’t, well, I might not be able to get on with them. The Pink Room - David Lynch Someone suggests on You Tube that it is the best stripping song ever – I guess that’s what is so David Lynch about David Lynch – he just has it, every mood he creates is perfect – I took acid to this when I went to the cinema when it first came out, it was the done thing but I was scared. Activation - Atlas Sound I just love this guy, I’m so into the feel and his melody. E Weapons Possibly my most DJ’d record of all time. We Have All The Time In The World – My Bloody Valentine James Bond string sounds. The Set Up - Caberet Voltaire Could have chosen one of many, even though this is meant to be a fave track of all time kinda thing. This is just totally dancey and has the best kettledrum solo in history. Cyber Insekt - The Fall The Unutterable is their best album in my humble opinion. Sister Ray - Velvet Underground I first heard it by Joy Division. New Order played this at the end of their Glastonbury set in 1987.